• Walking Meditations and Mindfulness

    I struggled for a long time with meditation. Sitting still in mindfulness never came naturally to me. I tend to be a fidgeter, and I like to keep in motion. While over time I have gradually developed the discipline to sit in stillness, and to fight back intrusive thoughts, I still find motion to be more soothing and more conducive to entering a meditative state. For that reason, I have naturally gravitated toward walking meditations as a form of developing mindfulness.
  • The Time of Emergence: Encountering Ourselves in a Living Enchanted World

    With the spring equinox, the powers of light and dark are brought into a temporary state of equilibrium. Here in the northern hemisphere, the darkness of night is slowly vanquished through the steady increase of daylight. In response to the growing light and the gradual increase in temperature, an exciting process of renewal unfolds. Rosy buds form at the tip of bare cherry and plum twigs and within days explode into riotous color.
  • On Reading Energy and Auras

    Witches and pagans tend to go on at length about the idea of “energy”, as it pertains to certain people or places, or to the actions that occur as part of a spell or ritual. But what do we really mean when we talk about “energy”- what are we referring to, exactly? It would seem that there are many viewpoints, filtered through various cultural and historical lenses that have tried to pin down what energy is, leading to perhaps some confusion among those who wish to understand work with it consciously.
  • The Dark Time

    Those who have died have never, never left The dead are not under the earth They are in the rustling trees They are in the groaning woods They are in the crying grass They are in the moaning rocks The dead are not under the earth “Breaths” by Sweet Honey in the Rock (1988) This is the most magical time of the year, the season of the witch. Samhain may be behind us, yet the long cold months of winter still loom ahead.
  • What Type of Witch

    The book mentioned in the previous post might sound like some fantastic grimoire, and in a way, it is. Yet it is not some arcane tome from an exotic land. No, it is something more familiar. It is something that all of us called this path share. It is the Book of Shadows written within your heart, and it holds everything you need to know. You already know everything you need to know about witchcraft, you just might not aware of it yet.
  • Walking the Crooked Path

    Herein begins the story of the Book… I have walked the path of atonement. I have mourned the broken blood-taboo, For I am guilty of pornographies. I have been possessed by various possessions, I have stood in opposition to the Way Things Must Be. Yet I cast my eyes upwards- And there, behold the Throne above the Stars, With the appearance of fire round about within it. I fall flat on my face before the Wheel of Heaven above.